The T2410 is the latest camera model to join our T-Series product family, offering Ultrahigh-frame rates of 24Gpx/second in the convenient T-Series platform. The new T2410 complements the T3610 which brought groundbreaking backside-illumination technology to the T-Series, delivering identical imaging performance now at a reduced price point. Upgrades are available from T2410 to T3610, to take advantage of higher frame rates in the future. 

The T2410 includes features designed to maximize image capture and workflow flexibility, including the 2X2 binned mode for higher vertical resolution at the camera’s top frame rates. With FAST option the exposure time can go down to 190 ns. CineMag V, 10Gb Ethernet, multi-cine and continuous recording in PCC are features designed to keep data moving and decrease downtime between tests.  

Visit the T2410 product page for more information including a datasheet and sample videos.